Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Join the Dark Side!

Changing weather, ex-gfs bugging you, stupid tourists bugging you, you won't gain weight, you get deceived without deceivers, betrayed without betrayers, beauty dies of beauty, love of love, the mirror waits for your face... and now not even Yahoo works! Join the dark side of Google talk and enter the disciple of the best arts of the internet! Take Yahoo's place on my side young Netwalker! Mwouhhahah...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sequel of gloomy sunday

And my day continued to be a slip down towards the plains of despair... only a handful of friends stopping me from howling. 99,85% sure that our "drummer" will get kicked out, which leaves us again for finding new people on the same wavelength as we are, other part of our race seems to be annoying in every minute, so again getting mad and weird and funky and cranky... Aaaaargh!!!
So there we were again
Tragic and absurd
Choking on every line
And every final word

A few pages from an old diary
A dusty shelf, an unread history
All these words and memories
Are all of you that's really left for me

They remain, they remain
You still remain
All these words and memories
And everything you were to me
They remain, they remain
You still remain

The day you went away
You had to screw me over
I guess you didn't know
all the stuff you left me with
is way too much to handle
But I guess you don't care

You don't need to preach
you don't have to love me, all the time

Whatever on earth possessed you
to make this bold decision
I guess you don't need me
While whispering those words
I cried like a baby
hoping you would care

You don't need to preach
you don't have to love me, all the time

You don't have to preach
all the time

So this is how I feel right now...

Gloomy Sunday

I have to make some statements: I met some americans, who were nice though, not everyone is infecting Transsylvania, but most of them are... Here is one named Grace and a big hail to Canada! And to the two ladybug-tattoos! :D Otherwise, everything else sucks... deceit is on the order of the day, and my hungarian genes were bursting out all week! And painful as it once again was, it was for the sense of justice and integrity. Again females were blacklisted... and was/am listening to various versions of Gloomy Sunday. And there are new perspectives on the horizon, but failure seems to lurk beneath, as it haunts forever this stream... The flowers were all dead and the words were unspoken...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Americans and Laura ... apocalypse now?

Greetings again... I know that except Nándi and Alex and some incidental visitors my blog remains hidden, but I continue to spill my venom back and forth, for very few good things happened to me lately... Students from Arizona came to "infect" our land... there were positive sides, but they pale to the frustration they carry within... Frustration leads to post modernism, and to feminism... I am sorry to say it again, but why don't I see nice women being feminists? They don't want to be... only those with a shiteload of angry misplaced, misused, abused childhood come around, and this combined with ye american knowledge leads to removal of beauty... and thus to eradicate the feminine in a woman... and they become socially challenged... It's not their fault, it's the generations of mutations... and then we meet also some Romanian ones... like Laura... charming person but only sometimes... and when she looks at the bottle(once a year or so..), it's disaster... Now it may seem chaotic from what I write but I will put a larger-scaled analysis of the past week, concerning ye title... and the latest news... To the obsidian pits of hell with our larva drummer! Pffffffffff...... take care "y'all!"

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Theatre Festival

And again, Sibiu was host to a big pack of actors, crew, technicians, singers, tourists who wanted to enjoy the "let's loose it all, it's festival" week and a half of uninterrupted urban orgy. Saw quite a bit of the performers, and for me it was rather satisfying... and again we had to see some of the coloured representatives of our great nation blending in with their colourful dresses and wanting to get a bit of drinks, food, fast love or something alike... 'twas rather funny, that only us locals observed the main difference... the most fooled were not the americans, but the french! And again, Canada ruled! But that's a different story altogether, heheheh...