Friday, April 28, 2006

Back in Nagyszeben

As my little escapade in my hometown ended into a desecration of myriads of beerbottles, I had to take a break(no KitKats though), and what did I have to witness? A football match!!! Not just any kind, but the crew of our beloved Jiji Fecali, as they fabricated a monumental defeat before a pack of British dogs, and in good romanian tradition, I had to watch it in a bar with angry and redneckish supporters who cursed between beers and teeth at every mistake they made... Good that I have a fondness for Liverpool and I only saw them once. Enough of football, and lest we forget last weekend I forged together a strange old brew (or gulyás) for 5 buddies, amongst them two bandmates as whacked as an eskimo by a drunken polar bear... For now byez all and don't forget: don't hit women! But despise them! Loathe them... mwouhhhahahaha (most of them)
P.S. Fuck political correctness, unless you're a gay black dude having a jewish boyfriend, ehe ehe ehe...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Saturday Night Out

The first night out without disturbing for Nándi and me, with copious amounts of Hargita beer and he is turning 25! Just like me... We're all going to die... So in the last night's escapade it has happened again, which no human can understand... a series of fragments of insider jokes, most of them monosyllabic given the fact that acids in ye beer with our gastric juices and the alcohol has formed a pretty powerful neuroinhibitor which set loose the tides of laughter and chuckling, snorring, grunting and all unimaginable waveforms that would throw the engineers at Creative labs out of their socks! No sound card in the world can reproduce this... and oh by the way, I think it's easter! But today id first of all my best friend's birthday! So Jesus, sorry man, maybe next time, you cannot snorre, or grunt or laught at the mere word of "iptop" For now I conclude, so take care everyone, stupid women excluded, as always...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Home again

Well, easter is coming, my best friend has his birthday on the resurrection of the first hippie in human history, and we cannot converse normally because other influences(like women, - and yes, by the way, I still despise them); point is, I hope tonight they will leave me alone and stuff... otherwise, eagerly waiting to jam with the band, and not so eagerly waiting to work... what more should I say? tired, and looking forward to some wine, not like gin(as yesterday). Second round of elections is coming in Hungary, not that it would help much of our economy, or our status- yet everyone is watching it. You are inexistent nowadays if you don't take a side of everything... and political correctness is just another way to get away with being hypocrite... All nationalist cunts just fuck off! Oh and now I have a nice image too! No comment..